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CIGRE Honorary Member2021 Award (구자윤 명예교수)

작성일 2021.08.04 첨부파일   ELECTRA_317-cigre-honorary-members-2021 (210804).pdf
Every Session year the "Honorary Meber" award is granted to maxiumum ten mebers who have participation in CIGRE technical activities in a leadership role of CIGRE, and for members whose service of CIGRE has been judged exceptional.

The CIGRE Honorary Members 2021 are :

 : Ja-yoon KOO


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이전글 CIGRE Honorary Member Award_한양대 구자윤 명예 교수
다음글 2021.7.22.목 한국경제 A4 "탈원전 너무 성급했다..." (구자윤 명예교수)